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Budongo Forest

Budongo Forest.

It is found in the south west of the Murchison falls conservation lies on the escarpment North East of Lake Albert. The nearest large town is Masindi but a lot of its land around this forest is being used for cultivation, building, villages, schools and markets. It is surprisingly bio diverse with 24 mammal species, over 360 birds, 289 butterflies and 465 plants. The tree species are found along the “Royal Mile” which is a beautiful stretch of the road highly regarded for bird watching. Budongo forest is well known for its former abundance of East African Mahogany trees and therefore being home to many chimp groups. An exceptional large Mahogany tree is still found in Budongo forest and it is more than 80 meters tall and 20 meters in circumference. This forest is contiguous with the Kaniyo Pabidi Forest and it also harbours primates which includes the 800 chimpanzees.

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