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How to get there

Getting to Murchison Falls National Park

Murchison falls national park is Uganda’s largest national park with over 76 mammal species and 450 recorded bird species the park is located in the northwest of Kampala the capital city of Uganda. Murchison falls national park is managed by Uganda wildlife Authority (UWA) a government body responsible for all game parks in Uganda. Murchison falls national park spreads inland to lake Albert and the River Nile up to Karuma falls. The park is situated in the districts of Bulisa, Kiryandongo, and Nwoya and the nearest is Masindi town all together forming the Murchison falls conservation area.

Murchison falls national park covers an area of making it the largest game park in Uganda and one of the highest tourist destinations in Uganda. There are also other parks to visit besides Murchison falls national park such as queen Elizabeth national park, kibale forest and many more.

How to get to Murchison falls national park

Murchison falls national park is very accessible despite the different routes and directions you drive from; Murchison falls national park has several gates where one can access the park either from the southern gate of Paraa or the northern gate at Murchison falls national park.

Travelers can get too Murchison falls national park either by road by use of private, public means by bus or under a registered tour company that will do to and fro safari to Murchison falls.

The other alternative are the chartered flights from Kampala/ Entebbe international airport, the park has several airfields such as Pakuba airfield, Chobe airfield and Bugungu airfield.

By road, getting to Murchison falls national is not hard one can decide to use a public means of transport that is by bus or private means (self-drive) or by a registered tour company that will plan your transport safari from Entebbe/ Kampala to Murchison falls national park until the end of your safari.

The distance from Entebbe is approximately 305km that is about 5-6 hrs. drive to Murchison falls national and you can access the park through the different gates such as;

Northern gate

Chobe gate

Wankar gate

Tangi gate

Southern gate

Kichumbanyobo gate

Bugungu gate

By air; from Entebbe international park to Murchison falls national park there several chattered flights that can be arranged incase you are interested in. you can book domesticated chartered flights like aero link Uganda, eagle airlines and many more. Murchison falls national park has several airfields nearer to the park such as Chobe airfield best convenient for visitors sleeping at Chobe lodge, there is also Pakuba airfield and Bugungu air field landing at the southern sector of Paraa being a place harboring a lot of wild game offers you an opportunity to sight a variety of animals.

On reaching you will be picked by the tour guide that will transfer you to your lodge or to the start of your activities.

Air transport is easy and less tiresome best suitable for visitors who are not used to travelling long distances compared to road transport that takes quite much time and a bit tiresome depending on the nature of the roads at the country side. However, both means of transport take you to the final destination. but road transport would be better as you get to view a lot of attractions a long the road as you travel, the choice is yours depending on your interest on which means of transport is much convenient.


How to get there

By road: The distance from Kampala to Murchison falls national park  is 305Km and driving there will take you 4.5 hours.

The park has several access gates from both the south and the northern as follows.

Southern Entrance Gates
Kichumbanyobo Gate- You can access paraa from this gate from masindi town. The distance from Masindi town to this gate is 85Km, crossing through the Kaniyo Pabidi forest to Paara
Bugungu Gate – To access this gate from Masindi is is 135Km, passing through the Budongo forest, home of the chimpanzees. This route also takes you through the rift valley escarpment with impressive views of the Albert mountains in the Dr Congo.


Northern Entrance Gates

To access the park from the north, there are several entrance gates including  the Chobe, Wankwar, Mubako and Tangi gates north of the Nile. These are reached from the Kampala-Pakwach Road which crosses the Nile at Karuma Falls Bridge in the northeastern corner of the park, 260km from Kampala. These gates are convenient for visitor travelling to/from Gulu town and Kidepo Valley National Park.

By Air

Pakuba Airfield, 19km from North Paraa, can be reached using chartered aircraft from Entebbe International Airport or Kajjansi airfield near Kampala. Other airfields in the park include: Chobe to the east, and Bugungu – near Murchison Falls – to the south.

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