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Karuma Falls

Karuma Falls.

These falls are found in Chobe in the North-eastern part of the park. It’s just an hour drive from the district of Gulu in North Western Uganda. These falls were once designed as a hazardous zone for the reason that the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) staged many attacks within this area. The Karuma Falls are made up of a number of natural rock formations which causes the waters to ripple giving them a white foamy appearance with roaring sounds on the Victoria Nile. These are very beautiful to look at. The land of the park around these falls pride has interesting things to see like: many bird species, Uganda kob, buffaloes, antelopes, monkeys, giraffes, baboons, elephants, Hartbees, leopards and Uganda safari lions. There is an up-market as well as budget accommodation offered within the Murchison falls National Park for example Red chilli Rest Camp for camping and Karuma Falls Campsite along Gulu road. For those who love trying out new things, you can try sport fishing at these falls it may be a memorable adventure for you.

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