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How To Get To Murchison Falls


To get to the Nile at Paraa which is the heart of the Murchison falls conservation area, we can use a number of routes, depending can where we are starting our journey from. We can get here by road or by air.

To enter Murchison Falls though the Northern entrance gates, use the Kampala-Pakwach road which crosses the Nile at Karuma Falls Bridge at the corner of the park, 260km from Kampala. It’s the best gate to use for the visitors travelling to and from Gulu town and Kidepo Valley National Park.  One can also enter the park through the Chobe, wankwar, Mubako and Tangi gates north of the Nile.

Through the Southern entrances gates, pass through the Budongo Forest and a memorable descent of the rift valley escarpment with views across Lake Albert towards the mountains of Congo. You can also pass through the Kaniyo Pabidi Forest using the Masindi route to Paraa which is 85km. From Kampala to Paraa through Masindi is a 4 hour drive and a distance of 350km. Do not forest to explore the Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary which is a home to the only wild Rhinos in Uganda while using this route.

Travel by air from Entebbe International Airport or Kajjansi airfield near Kampala, you will land at Pakuba Airfield which is 19km from North Paraa. The park also has other Airfield which includes: Chobe found in the East of the park, and Bugungu in the South near Murchison Falls.

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