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Murchison falls national park airport

Murchison falls national park airstrips

Murchison falls national park being one of the biggest national in Uganda, covering an area of about 3,480 km2 north western part of Uganda. Spreading towards the Albertine rift valley up to Karuma falls. Murchison falls has become Uganda’s best National game parks to visit since its endowed with various animals’ species of over 76 mammals and about 450 bird species to offer you quality game safari to Murchison falls national park.

Murchison falls is crossed by the mighty river Nile diving it in to two that is the northern sector and the southern sector of the park with the lot of attractions to view.

The park can be accessed by road or by air flight means of transport, with the availability of airstrips this has enabled the air flights to Murchison falls national park. The domestic flights are managed by aero link Uganda and leave from Entebbe international airport to kajjansi airfield in Murchison falls national park. This means of transport best suites luxurious clients.

Pakuba airstrip

Transfer from Entebbe international airport landing at kajjansi airfield at the southern sector of Murchison falls national park and easy access of accommodation located at the southern sector of Murchison falls.

Chobe airstrip

 Chobe is a luxury lodge located within Murchison falls national park the airstrip is  a private and belog to Chobe safari lodge the flights are arranged for visitors who use the lodge and have the interest of Uganda the chartered plane.

Bugungu airstrip

The journey starts at Entebbe international airport to Murchison falls national park landing at Bugungu airstrip situated at the southern sector of Murchison falls national park.  where the clients are transferred by their respective hotels to begin with their activities of the day.

This means of transport is the most exciting and takes approximately 45min to land at Murchison falls national park best for clients who are not used to travelling longer distances and require luxury experience.


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