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Murchison falls top of the falls

Murchison falls national park attractions

What to see in murchison falls national parks

Murchison falls national park attractions – There are many tourist attraction sceneries at Murchison falls national park that will definitely be of interest to the clients / visitors who come on a safari tour to Murchison falls national park. Below are some of the attractions.

Budongo forest

The Budongo forest is one of the main attractions of Murchison falls national park. The forest is located at the south-western sector of the park, the forest harbors a large number of primates which include over 800 spaces of chimpanzee, besides that, the Budongo forest reserve is also a home to over 26species of mammals, 300 species of butterflies and 470 species of trees and 360 recorded bird species.

 The availability of chimpanzees has enabled chimpanzee tracking activing at Kaniyo pabidi area in Budongo forest also offers other activities like forest walks this offer you an opportunity to view many animals at a close range and also ideal for bird watchers.

River Nile and Murchison falls

Safari in Murchison Falls National ParkThe Nile river is found in Uganda and its best known to be the largest river in the world covering an area of approximately 6,650km with its source in Jinja flowing to the Mediterranean Sea .the main tourist attraction of this park was the mighty Murchison falls with its stunning wild game and not forgetting the Nile river with its abundance of water animals like the hippos, crocodiles and many more animals that gather around the river banks to drink water.

The most interesting a bout the river Nile is the magnificent launch cruise from the top to the bottom of the falls where you will have the beautiful view of the falls with its breath taking beauty with a lot of excitement .the morning boat commence at 9:00am-12noon and the afternoon boat starts at 2:00pm to 5:00pm with a lot of attractions to view including the animals and the bird species like the shoebill stork, kingfisher and many more.

Karuma falls

Karuma falls is one of the best attractions to many visitors who visit Murchison falls national park. located south wards on kampala-Gulu highway the falls are found in a place where the main road crosses the Nile river about 110km northeast of Masindi town and 70km south of Gulu town. with in karuma falls is where karuma power station which is the biggest hydro power project in Uganda

Karuma falls was established in 1963 with the need to help the cotton farmers in northern Uganda to cross the Nile river. The bridge crosses a huge water fall with its waters flowing northern direction of Uganda up to southern Sudan.

Getting to Karuma falls

Karuma falls can be accessed by road through a bus travelling from Kampala heading towards the northern part of Uganda or private transport through the tour company operates who will arrange your trip to Murchison falls national park and you will have a visit to the Karuma falls.

Flora and Fauna

The Murchison falls national park is covered with a abundance of vegetation ranging from savanna , woodland, wetland and the tropical rain forest this all act as the home of over 76 mammal species  which include the family of the four of the big five i.e. (lion,elephant.leopard,buffalo and the Rhino currently found at Ziwa Rhino sanctuary a home for the only remaining lions nit only that there are also animals like the giraffes, warthogs,  hippos , hartebeests ,and many water animals like crocodiles, buffalos which offer the best game safari  to Murchison falls national park .and 450 recorded bird species which include shoebill stork, kingfisher and  a trek to kaniyo pabidi forest will offer you a lot more experience since you can do chimpanzee trekking activity around this area it harbours a large number of chimpanzee.


This area in Murchison falls is awesome, this is place where most of the game drives, launch trips and nature walks activities are carried out in Murchison falls. The place derived its name due to the high concentration of hippos in this area giving it the name paraa meaning “home of hippos”. This area is accessed both from the northern and the southern gates of Murchison falls national park connected to passenger ferry that leads to a number of lodges and hotels found close to the park.

Kaniyo pabidi and Rabongo Forest

 Kaniyo pabidi forest is best known for harbouring chimpanzees, the forest is located at the southern sector of Murchison falls national park. The forest contains a habituated chimpanzee group which is ready for trekking by the visitors having interest in conduction chimpanzee tracking activity. The forest also harbours animals species like the black and white coloured and blue monkeys, olive baboons and there is chance that you might sight other animals like elephants , buffalos, lions and many more who visit the forest and for bird watchers this could be also the best place to sight some bird species like the white thighed horn bill, chocolate kingfisher ,and many more .

Lake Albert Delta

The boat cruise down stream on the river Nile is one of the best opportunity to discover the delta its one of the great sites as it harbours a lot of bird species like the kingfisher, goliath heron, the African fish eagles and you can have a great chance to sight  the most interesting the shoebill stork around the river banks of the lake albert delta.

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