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Murchison falls national park Chimpanzee trekking

Chimpanzee trekking in Budongo forest Uganda

Budongo forest is located in the north-western region of Uganda on the way to the famous Murchison falls national park, the Budongo forest is situated on the escarpment north east of lake albert .the forest is the largest reserve with over (825km2) and best known to be a home of the highest population  of chimpanzees as well as having an abundant east African mahogany woods with height of over 80m and 20m in circumference which is also another form of attraction on your Murchison falls national park safari.

The forest contains different sites where many activities can be done in the budongo forest in Murchison falls national park including the Kaniyo Pabidi site, Busingiro, these sites are majorly dominated by the Mahogany woods and Iron wood trees which is the best location for an early morning game drive these offers a great heaven for animals like the lion .leopards,Buffallos ,warthogs and many more that you get to sight during the game drive in the forest since early morning is the ideal time to set out tourism because you have a great chance to sight some animals licking salt by the forest glades   this is to say that, the forest offers a lot of activities in Murchison falls national park.

Key activities you can enjoy within the Budongo forest.

Chimpanzee trekking experience: Is one of the popular activities here in the budongo forest due to the larger concentration of the chimpanzee has facilitated the chimpanzee trekking in the budongo forest. The ideal time for the activity is from October to January by time the fruit supply is limited for them to feed on so this makes them move a lot covering a large area making it easy to locate them during the chimpanzee trekking experience. Besides chimp trekking, you can also enjoy the forest walks which is much more enjoyable as you get to sight the animals and the birds in the forest at a close range this brings a lot of excitement on you Uganda tours.

Chimpanzee trekking permit

Chimpanzee trekking permit is issued by the budongo Eco lodge which is in charge of chimpanzee trekking in Budongo. The chimpanzee trekking permit is a document that allows you to go in to the forest to trek chimpanzees. The chimpanzee permits goes for $90 per person to trek the chimps per day in Budongo, the permits tend to be higher during the high season than the lower season of the year where the prices drop down ,the chimpanzee habituation price is slightly higher than the chimpanzee trekking permit and the habituation is only done during the lower seasons.

Recommended age from chimp trekking in the budongo forest

The recommended age for this activity is stickily 15 years and above, below the age, is not allowed this policy is set by uganda wildlife Authority to all visitors who visit the park should follow the policy to avoid certain incidences from occurring where a person is denied to trek the you can do the trekking anytime of the year and can book the permits anytime you require to do the activity at any season considering the low season which would be best due to the reduced discounts.


The budongo forest is one of the best sites to have a guided bird watching tour around the Nyabyeya forest college to the research station with over 360 recorded bird species and over 290 butterflies, 465 tree species and 24 mammal species with over nine that are primates, these all offer a great experience during  your Uganda safari .

The forest is Uganda’s second largest after Semuliki National park, the Budongo forest is most significant birding destination in Uganda on the northeast of lake Alberts escarpment. The forest is a medium altitude, moist, semi-deciduous tropical rainforest managed by the National Forestry Authority (NFA). Historically, the was protected by the King of Bunyoro and only with his permission could local chiefs hunt inside the forest. The forest covers an area of 42 800 hectares containing Savannah and woodland trees.

There are basically two endemic bird species found at the Budongo forest which cannot be sighted in other parts of Africa. Being the second largest forest in Uganda, the forest contains bird species like Guinea Congo Forest-Biome. The Yellow-footed Flycatcher by then was common around the forest but currently it’s rare to see. Illadopsis Puveli isn’t seen in any other place in east Africa, other species include Zoothers camaronensis, Ceratogymna fistulator, Neafrapus Cassini, Batis ituriensis, Smithornis rufolateralis, Sylvietta denti as well as Ixonotus guttatus. Can be sighted in the Budongo forest being one of the finest birding destinations in Uganda. this different species can be seen during the guided nature walks in the forest

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