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Murchison falls national park giraffe

Giraffes in Murchison Falls National Park – The giraffe is the tallest animal among all the animals found in Uganda national parks, the giraffes are in different species, but in Uganda, there is only the Rothschild type of the giraffe. The mature giraffe measures up to 5-6m high and weighs 1200kgs for the males being slightly larger than the females. The females weigh up to 850kg making a bit smaller than the men. The giraffes often stay in the open on the savannah grass lands with lots of acacia plants from which they feed on at most times, in a single day, a giraffe can consume up to 29kgs of the acacia plant leaves daily.

you can only find the giraffes in Uganda in the national game parks listed below;

  • Murchison falls national park with much greater number of the giraffes
  • Kidepo valley national park
  • Lake Mburo National Park

Giraffes are much known to be the most calm and peaceful animals in the wild but can become violent incase its attacked, they protect them selves and the young ones from the enemies like the predators most especially the lion, leopard and the hyena who hide around thickets trying o grab the young calf. They defend themselves by giving a tough kick to the enemy which at most times the predators die or get harmed if the kick lands on the delicate part like the head.

The giraffes are also attacked by the crocodiles in the water as they bend to drink water with their long necks they get grabbed by the head, giraffes are very interesting animals and very attractive to view at with their long necks walking tall around the park. The giraffes can live long    if not threatened, the Giraffe can live up to 25yrs in the wild and if kept in the zoo, it can live up to 28yrs.

You can have an opportunity to view the giraffes most especially during the game drives around the park on the savannah grasslands, a part from the giraffe, you can also sight a number of game a round the savannah including the lions, elephants, antelopes, warthogs and a lot more with over 451 recorded bird species to give you the best of the Murchison falls national park safari.

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