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Murchison falls national park self drive

Murchison falls national park is Uganda’s largest and most visited national park in Uganda with its famously known strong waterfalls, the spectacular land scape and a home to over 76 mammal species not forgetting the famous big five (lion, Elephant, Buffalos, Leopard and the Rhinos currently at Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary). Also, the park harbours over 451 bird species and local people around the park, is also another form of attraction with different cultural activities and ways of life offers yet another great experience. With different activities offered at the park like the game drives, the launch trips, fill you with great views of the wildlife in the savannah grasslands which include the Rothschild giraffe, warthog’s, antelopes, hyena and many more  and during the launch trip, you will sight a lot of water animals swimming in the River Nile including hippos, buffalo, crocodiles and birds along the lake shores.

In Uganda, you can do a self-drive to any of the different national parks in Uganda i.e. Murchison falls , queen Elizabeth, Bwindi impenetrable forest, kibale and many more but with us at adventure in wild safari, we wouldn’t recommend a person to have a self-drive to Murchison falls or any of the national parks in Uganda has it may not be reliable since you may not know the location, the distance and the nature of the roads and the cars you might rent may not be in good condition to give that safari.

But with us at adventure in the wild safari registered tour operator company based in Kampala, we will be able to plan your safari right from the start to the end of the tour safari in Uganda and offer you the best safari at an appropriate cost to meet the demands of the clients.

We offer different services like your transportation is 4×4 vehicle in good condition, English speaking guide/ driver that will guide you through your safari. And all the necessary services required for the safari at a lower cost that suites demand of the traveler.

Getting there– By road, the park is located 305 km from Kampala the capital city of Uganda, the journey can start depending on you pick up location either Kampala or Entebbe international airport on arrival and the journey can last for a bout 5-6hrs depending on the number of stopovers and the client’s interest.

Accommodation facility– There several lodges right there at the park both inside and outside the park with the best services offered to visitors during your safari. At Murchison falls national park, they have lodges ranging from mid-range, luxury and Budget accommodations like Paraa lodge (luxury), Pakuba safari lodge(mid-range), Red chilli Rest Camp(budget) and many more offering quality accommodation facilities.

Planning your safari to Murchison falls or any national park in Uganda, get in tach with us at Adventure in the wild safari a tour operator company  we will provide you with all the necessary services in order for you to have the best of your safari to Uganda the pearl of Africa with  a lot of unforgettable experience of your life time.

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