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Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary

Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary is managed by Uganda wildlife Authority a government organisation in charge of all the wild game in the national parks in Uganda. The sanctuary is located in north western Uganda in the district of Nakasongola north of Kampala the capital city of Uganda on Kampala -Gulu highway, the same route takes you to Murchison falls national park so you will locate Ziwa rhino en route to Murchison falls national park.

By road, the distance is about 180km on a good road, and takes about 3 hrs from Kampala to Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary which is relatively half way drive to Murchison falls national park one of Uganda’s biggest national parks this means that Ziwa is within the Murchison falls conservation area.

The sanctuary is famously known as a home to the only remaining endangered Rhinos. During the 90’s, Uganda had a bigger number of Rhinos, but later when the war broke out during the 1970’s, this resulted to massive poaching and the killing of this animal leading to their destruction and by 1983, there was almost nothing left of the Rhinos species in the wild.

After this incident in 2005, the Rhino Fund Uganda and Uganda wild life Authority a government bodies established Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary, and the rhinos where re-introduced in this place, where they trying to put them back in place before being introduced to the national parks in Uganda. The ranch as provided tight security at all time for 24hours guiding these animals in case of any attack, so you are sure of safe security while at Ziwa Rhino sanctuary.

 This is the only place you can see Rhinos in the wild, during the establishment, there were only 6 rhinos but later on, the number has greatly improved to 19 rhinos currently at the Ranch. the main activity here is rhino tracking which is done mostly on foot with the help of the ranger guide, guiding you throughout the activity, rhino tracking is one of the great adventures here at Ziwa as you get to view the animals at a close range.  Not only that, the sanctuary also offers a lot of more other activities besides rhino tracking including;

 The Ranch is also a home to a lot of bird species, Reptiles and also harbours over 40 mammal species which has enabled activities around the ranch including; game viewing and the nature walks activities around the sanctuary. Besides the rhinos, there other animals such as elephants, antelopes, crocodiles, hippos, monkeys and many more. There are many activities that you can engage in while at Ziwa Rhino sanctuary so you are sure of a great time while visiting the home of the rhinos.

Bird watching

There are over 350 recorded bird species suitable for birding activity. Bird viewing is possible during the guided nature walks or on the boat cruise with an experienced guide that will lead to the designated bird spotting destinations the activity can last for over half of the day. the bird species sighted here include the shoe bill stork, the blue spotted dove, African eagle, African black crake, Abyssinian Ground Hornbill, Broad billed Roller, African black headed oriole, Abdi’s Stork and many more.

Nature Walks Uganda

During the nature walks you will hike to the sanctuary here you will have an opportunity to spot a number of animals which include; the bush bucks, gray duiker, hartebeests, monkeys, butterflies, crocodiles, lizards, monitor lizards and a lot more and also bird species like the shoe bill stork. This activity will give you a great experience of your safari to Ziwa.

Accommodation at Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary

Ziwa Rhino can be considered as a full package for the safari, part or can be either enroute stop over to Murchison falls national park safari which in most cases is considered by many visitors visiting Murchison falls national park. This entire decision depends on the interest of the traveller(s). in case one has interest in visiting Ziwa Rhino sanctuary as a full safari tour and taking part in  all the activities at the Sanctuary, this will require approximately full day experience for this safari .so you will need to have an overnight stay at the ranch, this is all covered since the sanctuary has the best accommodation facilities offered to all the visitors .you can lodge at;

Amuka lodge

Located within Ziwa rhino sanctuary, the lodge offers the best accommodation facilities ranging from tented cottages, with a swimming pool where you can cool off after the long day activity, they have a fully stocked bar and restaurant with all drinks for your leisure and serving both local and international dishes to suite the interest of all the visitors.

There is also ample site for camping activities for the visitors taking park in the camping activities, putting in mind that the security of the place is fully guaranteed at all times.

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